Life After Wartime: Bystander


Artist Statement
Bystander is an immersive environment composed of photographs, sequences of short text, and musical patterns that all knit together to conjure haunting moods and stories for a large, darkened gallery space. The images, texts and sound files of Bystander are all governed by computer systems to form an environment that responds evermore intelligently, semantically and aesthetically to the behaviour of visitors interacting with the historical material over time. Feedback relationships develop between the visitors and the environment so that the 'eco-system' of Bystander offers emergent patterns of narrative and ever-altering rhythms of dynamic reaction.
Source of Artist Statement


Richards, Kate
Gibson, Ross




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Interactive data narrative




Richards, Kate and Gibson, Ross, “Life After Wartime: Bystander ,” ADELTA, accessed May 20, 2019,